The Chosen One

It was a bit of a task deciding what to make for the Knitting Olympics. Initially, I considered the cabled shrug from Fall '50 Interweave Knits (on my to-knit-soon list since July) and my backup was going to be the brioche stitch mini-poncho from Wrap Style.

Unfortunately, I asked my boyfriend what he thought of the shrug and he made one of those "icky" faces. When I asked what about it he didn't like, he said the sleeves, shoulders and torso. So all of it. I know. His reasoning? It wasn't a 'traditional' garment. Which therefore not only eliminated the shrug but also the back-up project, and the garment I was actually wearing at the time. *sigh.

I know, I should ignore him. But I’m not going to spend a massive amount of time on a project (which will likely include some hard-core boyfriend neglect) that I’ll be disinclined to wear whenever I see him (practically every day).

Thus, I have decided to knit a cardigan that will be inspired from Mariah from Knitty, but will largely be my own design. It won’t be all too challenging of a design, but it will go through some changes – cables up along the zipper sides, a seed stitch floppy collar instead of a hood, and size 10 needles.

My list of necessary items/tasks to make it through the challenge:

• Addi Turbos – I’ll need some speedy knitting.
• Advance work – I’ll need to work ahead in my classes to prepare for a certain amount of slacking.
• Girl Scout Cookies (specifically Samoas) – These come in the 13th. I’ll have to go 3 days of the challenge without them. That’ll be tough.
• Hand Lotion
• Stitch Markers (I think I’ll make some special ones just for this occasion)
• Seaming as I go – in order to avoid awful work at the end.
• The Handy Book of Sweater Programs and Harmony Stitch Guides Volume 2
• Diet Coke with Lime – for energy and sustenance. At least 3 cases. Probably more.
• Clear, printed directions of how to cable without a cable needle

Things I’ll keep a running tab of –
• Cursing
• Occasions of frogging
• Hours of sleep
• # of Girl Scout Cookies/Diet Cokes Consumed
• Balls of yarn knitted up

I am so excited about this. But I do think that I’m a little nuts.



I've decided to rise to the challenge posed by the Yarn Harlot.

What's the challenge you ask? Olympic Knitting. Cast on a project during opening ceremonies and finish the project by the time the flame is extinguished (16 days). The real challenge - finding the perfect project. It should be something that is doable, but not too easy. Which means that garter stitch and stockinette are out for me (I'll get bored). Socks too (I've done a pair in two weeks before). I need to look through my magazine and books to find the perfect project. Decision date - Jan. 26th (an arbitrary date that allows me enough time to order yarn if I so need).

I'll keep you updated of what the top contenders are.