Ralph the Gnome

Once upon a time, there was a land named "Collins." It was a magical land where the food was plentiful, the buildings looked like castles and the people, the people .... The people were truly kind, they were respectful and they were fun. They were artists, crafters, scholars, writers and environmentalist.

Now, the people of Collins had a mascot of sorts. They loved gnomes. It stemmed, some suspect, from a set of 3 stained glass windows in the center building.

Here is an adventure of Ralph, when he stayed with me for a few days. (and if you have questions about Collins -
a residence hall at Indiana University- email me at nicole.hindesTAKEOUTHISJUNK (AT) gmailANDTHIS TOO dot com.!)

Ralph tried on Un, my first sweater.

Instantly, he fell in love with the feel, the drape, the warm, soft wool and of course, the incredibly flattering color.

But of course, there is a problem.

The sweater is WAY to big for Ralph.

So Ralph picked up some needles and yarn and got to work. But what is he making?

Could he be making a sweater for himself? That would require odd shaping because his proportions are off and his beard is just odd.

Could he be making a rug for his home in the tree in the woods?

What would a gnome want to knit?

Of course! A scarf!


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