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Mason Dixon Love, Update

Time for an update:

First, 3 lil' washrags, sitting on some dishes....

That washrag pattern is quite addicting. I don't have a kitchen and I can't stop knitting them. These are just my first three.

I've knit 6 more.

Yea. Six.

I have a problem.

(Although I have begun to give them out to people... which we all know is part of my greater goals of knitting more gifts.)

Anyway - you all should knit this pattern - I know, I know, dishcloths - how lesser. No, you don't get it until you try it.

It's amazing.

This is the Mason Dixon Bathmat "absorba" that I knit for my boyfriend. I'm really happy with how it turned out, but I sorta injured myself knitting it.

My arms were sore for like 2 days after I finished it. I think it's a result of it being 2 pounds of cotton yarn.

It's kind of a heavy knit. This photo is a toe shot to show the squishy ness.

This is a sweater that I finally finished. It's your basic top-down raglan. It took like no real time - it was just stalled on the sleeves for a few months because I had other, more exciting things to knit. You know.

And there is the beginning of my first blanket.

You should know that when I started knitting I swore that I'd never knit a blanket or an afghan.

I thought people who did that were insane - and missing out on so much other cool stuff they could be knitting.

But knitting log-cabin style is cool stuff. I love it. I'm not totally sure that I love the colors - it may be a gift for someone. But I'm loving the knitting process. It's fun. And amazing. And it grows. And each new strip I can make a new decision about which color to use.

I love it!

New topic - I dubbed this summer (before the Mason Dixon stuff) the Summer of Socks. Socks, to me are a great summer project. They are portable. Not stifling to knit. Relatively small in scale. A fun way to try something new with each new pair.

Here's some of the progress.

This is the toe of the Lace Leaf sock pattern from interweave (a few issues ago). I love the way the pattern finishes the leaves. So freaking cute. It kills me.

Here's a photo of mismatched socks - the multi-color one is waving lace socks (designed by Evelyn!). It has since gotten a mate - but I gave the pair to my mom before I could snap a picture of the two of them together.