My new knitting goals

The knitting olympics has taught me much about knitting and the relevance of knitting goals. I don't have to end up with a dozen or more WIPS in my life. I can finish something, really, rather fast. I AM a speed knitter.

Thus my new knitting goals are as follows (with reasons, explanations):

-Name my knitting projects. I have such a relationship with the pieces that I knit, and they ought to be more to me than a description of their construction. I will strive to find creativity not only in my actual projects, but also their nomenclature.

-Finish Rebecca before spring break (1 week from now). Rebecca is a raglan sleeve, in the round sweater. It's a sweater of healing, that will be a sweater of remembering. I started it the night I heard some breaking news that hit me kind of hard. More on this later.

- Plan and knit Independance (a pillow for my mom).

- Join a KAL. I really liked knitting at the same time as a few thousand knitters. And while I don't think there will be a KAL with as much of a following for quite a while, it's really nice feeling like such a part of the knitting community.

- Knit Picovoli with some great silky viscose I have. This is part of a larger de-stashization goal.

- Knit project BLACK. I'm purposefully being vague here, not because of publications stipulations, but because it will be a gift that will suprise more than just the recipient.

- Limit my works in progress to four, not including socks. It's so satisfying to finish a project a relatively quick speed and the sense of satisfaction I've been recieving from these FO has really been ultra helpful for my mood and general well being. Limiting my WIPS will mean that I will have more FOs as a faster pace.

- Knit more gifts. This is where project BLACK and Independence fit it. I enjoy giving handmade gifts and I want to do more of it. This Christmas, my mom will probably recieve a sweater. Maybe my sister too. We'll see.

- Continue to work on being published. This includes a certain extreme article and possibly a few others.

- Write more. I used to be big into writing. I used to keep a journal. I even had a notebook where I wrote little pieces of prose about what I saw and what I pretended to see. I haven't been writing for pleasure, for fun in a long time. I think that's why I blog (in case you haven't noticed, I don't blog for my dozens of readers. Anwyay, in order to hold myself accountable for writing more, I'll write a book review (which means reading more) every Tuesday and some sort of essay once every two weeks. Usually, these will be knit related, but not always.


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