Look what I can do!

Color knitting has been something I've been fearing. There's just so many yarns to keep track of. And I could never seem to get my fingers to work right. Granted, this is an assesment of one intarsia experience. Only one. Irrational fear, I know.

I knew that Sally Mellville's color book could cure me. I got it in the mail last week or so and I've been dying to try her techniques.

Anyway, last night, I spent 2 hours knitting a practice intarsia swatch. It was actually easier than I thought it would be but I seemed to lose my groove as I went, oddly enough. Anway, here's the (sort of) finished product. I think I might felt the piece. Or keep it as a trophy on my mantle. Who knows?

Also, as the piece was still on my needles but nearing the end, one of my residents walked by and thought that I was knitting a hat. The way the work was scrunched, it did seem rather hat-like and actually quite adorable. So I think I might turn this motif into a hat pattern. It my be my first free pattern! Whoot! We'll see.

Anyway, don't the colors look pretty neat together? I'm really happy with the finished product. I keep showing people saying "look what I can do!"


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